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The Slavia Exposition – Škoda Auto Museum, Mladá Boleslav

A new multifunctional area is designed to meet the needs of the “Sleeping beauty”, the exposition of historic vehicles before their reconstruction. It can also be used as a background area of the Laurin Klement Forum, for smaller presentations, happenings and receptions. The space is dominated by cast-iron columns, relics of the old Laurin and Klement factory, functioning as a suspension system for motor exhibits. Rough structure of the original concrete hall construction is confronted with a precise smoothness of a black-gray cast floor and sharp contours of an acoustic ceiling and steel truss girders. The exhibition of vehicle grand-dads is amended by other exhibits such as aggregates, contemporary seen posters and multimedia presentations.

The realization of the project took place while working in the architectonic studio Hlaváček & partner.

author:Dalibor Hlaváček, Michal Hlaváček
cooperation:Daniela Maxová
photography:Dalibor Hlaváček, Filip Šlapal